ICT Governance

Leadership and governance are needed to give effect to digital reform in the WA public sector. While we will set direction and expectations, delivering change will need to be collaborative, with decision-making bodies and clear accountabilities that incorporate key people across the sector.

Arrangements have been put in place to ensure ICT is considered with a whole of government perspective and to promote greater collaboration between agencies occurs.

The focus is on leveraging from existing infrastructures and services, to improve services to citizens and stakeholders, while achieving efficiencies and delivering savings to Government.

Directors General Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Council

The Directors General ICT Council provides:

  • Independent oversight and advice to the Director General of DPC on matters of significance, including reporting to the Minister for Innovation and ICT, the Expenditure Review Committee and Cabinet as appropriate;
  • Advice and assistance to the Government Chief Information Officer to achieve the effective delivery of programs and initiatives to meet whole-of-government objectives;
  • Influencing peers and public sector leadership on implementation of the Government’s digital transformation agenda; 
  • Promoting digital reform collaboration and coordination across the public sector; and
  • Providing direction and guidance to the BATAC and to the GovNext-ICT Program Governance Board.
  • Directors General retain accountability for implementation of programs and initiatives within their respective agencies.

The Council comprises of the the Chair of the GovNext-ICT Program Governance Board, and Directors General of the following agencies:

David Eaton, Small Business Commissioner, is the Independent Chair of the Directors General ICT Council meetings. 

Business and Technology Advisory Committee

The Business and Technology Advisory Committee (formerly the Business Impact Group and the Chief Information Officer Advisory Committee) supports the Directors General ICT Council and the Office of Digital Government in delivering on the Western Australian Government vision for digital reform.

The Business and Technology Advisory Committee (BATAC):

  • provides advice on the business and technical merits of whole of government digital reform initiatives, and matters of common concern and interest.
  • leads public sector collaboration to implement key initiatives and optimise the use of Government’s information assets by facilitating networking, knowledge sharing and information exchange across the sector.

Membership of BATAC is comprised of two streams of representatives that consider the merits of digital transformation initiatives from both a business and technical perspective.

Business stream

The business stream is comprised of representatives from the following agencies:  

Technical stream

The technical stream is comprised of representatives from the following agencies:

BATAC reports to the DG Council on ICT infrastructure reform matters and progress.

Greg Italiano, the Government Chief Information Officer currently chairs the BATAC meetings.

GovNext-ICT Program Governance Board

The GovNext-ICT Program Governance Board provides leadership and direction to the GovNext-ICT Program to maximise the whole of government benefits of this ICT infrastructure reform initiative.

The Board provides oversight of the coordination of an integrated plan for GovNext-ICT implementation by the whole of government.

The Board will be responsible for:

  • leading and driving, including the decision making authority for, the GovNext-ICT program
  • provide direction on the coordination of an integrated plan for GovNext-ICT implementation by whole of government
  • ensuring the timely transition of agencies into GovNext-ICT, and monitoring the realisation of benefits across the whole of government
  • providing quarterly reporting to the Directors General ICT Council, including clear articulation of risks and milestones
  • championing the adoption of GovNext-ICT across the whole of government, and ensuring support to agencies in the adoption of the GovNext-ICT infrastructure and service offering framework
  • providing direction and advice to the government on ICT infrastructure reform elements that support government’s strategic objectives.

The Board comprises of senior executives of the following agencies:

David Etherton, Chief Executive Officer of VenuesWest is the Independent Chair for the Board.

    Page reviewed 4 June 2021