Heritage Council of Western Australia

The Heritage Council of Western Australia is the State Government’s expert body on Western Australia’s cultural heritage significance as vested under the Heritage Act 2018.
Last updated: 13 March 2023

What we do

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The Heritage Council of Western Australia is the State Government’s advisory body on heritage matters and is vested with functions and powers under the Heritage Act 2018.

The Heritage Council determines the organisation’s strategy and policies, makes key decisions on places to be entered into the State Register of Heritage Places, and provides specialist advice relating to the development of heritage places.

The Council comprises nine persons appointed by the Minister for Heritage, based on their skills and expertise. The Council is guided by its Charter which clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the Heritage Council. The Council charter as well as the Heritage Council's declaration of interest policy can be found below under Useful publications.

Visit the Heritage Council of Western Australia Publications.

Council Members

Membership of the Heritage Council is defined by the Heritage Act 2018. The current members of the Heritage Council are:

Position Member
Chair Nerida Moredoundt
Councillor Leigh Barrett
Councillor Lloyd Clark
Councillor Sally Malone
Councillor Richard Offen
Councillor Alan Kelsall
Councillor Catherine Lezer
Councillor Dr Erika Techera

Correspondence to the Chair of the Heritage Council can be sent to the address: hcwachair@dplh.wa.gov.au

Meeting dates

The Heritage Council focuses consideration of statutory matters, such as proposals for heritage places, at its second meeting of the month which is held on the fourth Friday of the month. The Council continues to work proactively with decision makers and owners within its statutory timeframes.

The 2023 meeting dates for the Heritage Council are: 

  • 20 January
  • 10 February
  • 24 February
  • 10 March
  • 24 March
  • 14 April
  • 28 April
  • 12 May
  • 26 May
  • 9 June
  • 23 June
  • 14 July
  • 28 July
  • 11 August
  • 25 August
  • 8 September
  • 22 September
  • 13 October
  • 27 October
  • 10 November
  • 24 November
  • 8 December

Heritage council programs

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Heritage legislation, policies and guidelines

View the Heritage legislation, policies and guidelines.


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