Building Leadership Impact

A comprehensive approach to strengthening the leadership behaviours of all public sector employees
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The task of leading in the public sector has never been so challenging and complex, and we must be clear what is expected of our people to develop strong leadership and meet evolving demands.

To become the innovative and high performing sector we strive to be we must work as one sector to adopt a shared language around leadership, and establish an integrated approach to positive leadership change for all public sector employees.

The pathway to achieving these aims is outlined in Building Leadership Impact.

Central to this approach are the 6 conditions agencies must have in place to create the environment for positive leadership change:

  • Clear expectations in context
  • Robust self reflection
  • Personal responsibility for growth
  • Understanding what "good" leadership looks like
  • Productive feedback
  • Opportunities for development and extension

The Building Leadership Impact approach is not about doing more or working harder; it's about making better use of what we already have by helping the best to further their impact, better supporting those yet to reach their peak and nurturing upcoming leaders.

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What do I need to do?

  1. Read Building Leadership Impact to understand the vision for this approach and the expectations of all public sector employees, particularly agency leadership.
  2. Visit the Leadership Expectations page which provides every public sector employee a practical guide on what 'good' leadership looks like, and the expected behaviours and mindsets required for each context.
  3. Agency leadership and human resources practitioners can visit Guidance and resources for agencies to access further information and support to embed this approach in their agency.