Strategic leadership and talent

Executive leadership services, talent identification and leadership support and development.
Last updated: 9 March 2023

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Building Leadership Impact

Leadership development

A leadership development program shaping managers into leaders

A leadership development program stretching the minds and actions of Level 8 high-performers

Leadership Conversations
Bring new ideas and perspectives, challenge mindsets and inspire excellence across the public sector.

A graduate development program building the foundations for career success.

Induction to the Western Australian public sector
Understanding your commitment in delivering services for the people of WA.

Australia and New Zealand School of Government
A global leader in education and government focused research relevant to the public sector.

Public Sector Management Program
A postgraduate program managed and delivered by Queensland University of Technology on behalf of the Australian Public Service.

Study Assistance Scheme
As a public sector employee you can receive a 10% discount on course fees from tertiary institutions.

Resources are available to support agencies build the capability of specific roles and employees:

    Chief executive officer employment services

    Recruitment, remuneration and performance conditions for Chief Executive Officers.

    Senior executive service officer employment services

    Remuneration and employment conditions for Senior Executive Service officers.

    Classification and remuneration

    Classifying and remunerating positions in the public service.