Report littering and illegal dumping

The Litter Report Scheme allows registered litter reporters to report littering or dumping of matter from a car, trailer or boat.
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Throwing or dropping litter, even unintentionally, is an offence according to the Litter Act 1979. Dumping rubbish of any kind on any land not specified as a waste facility is also considered littering and attracts the same penalties under the Litter Act.

To become a litter reporter register online.

To maintain your confidentiality, you will be assigned a number so that your name and address do not have to appear in the report.

To make a report, access the online report form, download the smart phone app, or if you prefer, you can report via mailed reporting cards.

When reporting littering it is very important to collect information on the:

  • vehicle registration
  • make, model and colour of the vehicle
  • date, time and place that the offence was committed
  • type of litter that was deposited
  • description of the offender
  • whether it was the driver or passenger who littered

When Keep Australia Beautiful WA receives your litter report, authorised officers will investigate the complaint and take the appropriate action.

An infringement of up to $500 may be issued for individuals or up to $2000 for companies.