Complain about a non-government school

Complaints are resolved by each non-government school, following a Complaints Management Standard. 
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Under the non-government school registration standards, schools must have and implement policies and procedures for receiving and handling complaints, including from students in boarding facilities if relevant, which are child-friendly, publicised and readily accessible to all members of the school community.

It is also a requirement that reports, complaints and allegations are recorded in such a way as to enable the detection of any patterns emerging over time.

The complaints management standard includes a requirement that complaints are handled promptly, objectively, fairly and confidentially, that remedies are provided when complaints are upheld and there is a system for review.

Complaints to the Department of Education are treated seriously, although the Department of Education does not have a non-government school complaint resolution role.  Complaints may be important to monitoring a non-government school's compliance with the standards and requirements for non-government schools, and the well-being of children.