Science funding programs

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovations collaborates with its partners to support the delivery of science priorities, and funds programs and projects that support the development and diversification of the Western Australian economy.
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We work with a range of partners to support the delivery of science priorities in Western Australia. This includes managing WA Government funding for a range of programs and projects.

Grant funding is provided through competitive and non-competitive programs in the following areas:

Research collaboration

This includes funding for the:

Access to research infrastructure

National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme (NCRIS)

The WA Government's $10.5 million investment in National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme infrastructure has secured $19.1 million in Australian Government funding to WA through Bioplatforms Australia, Microscopy Australia, the National Imaging Facility, the Integrated Marine Observing System, Australian National Fabrication Facility and the Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network to formalise this co-investment.

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

We provide funding to the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre to ensure access for Western Australian researchers and other industries to supercomputing services.

Research excellence

We support research talent, particularly through the Premier’s Science Fellowship Program, which aims to attract researchers to WA. Funding is also provided for the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, Busselton Health Study, Science and Agribusiness Connect initiative, the Science on the Swan Conference and a $5 million investment into COVID-19 research. 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

We support Scitech and the development and implementation of the STEM skills strategy: Future jobs, future skills. STEM initiatives also include award programs such as the Governor’s School STEM Awards, Premier’s Science Awards, WA Science Hall of Fame and the Digital and Technology Skills Program.