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Join the Plastic Free Places Program, switch to plastic-free alternatives and become a Plastics Free Champion.
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To support implementation of the Plan for Plastics, the State Government has partnered with the Boomerang Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation, to deliver a Plastic Free Places program. 

Plastic Free Places programs have been successfully implemented in state and local government agencies in South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia (Town of Bassendean, Town of Bayswater and Town of Victoria Park), eliminating over 4.9 million single-use plastic items.

How the Plastic Free Places Program works

The program engages with businesses, organisations and community groups within the food and hospitality sector to provide support and advice on avoiding single-use plastics and switching from single-use plastics to better alternatives, such as reusable replacements or Australian Standard (AS) certified non-plastic compostable alternatives, for the sale of food and beverages. Many of the single-use items being banned under Stage 1 of the plan are used in the food and hospitality sector. The Plastic Free Places program provides an opportunity for businesses to go “the extra step” to improve their environmental footprint. 

The program focuses on reducing the use of six key single-use plastic items commonly found in litter – straws, coffee cups/lids, takeaway containers, food ware (e.g. cups, plates, cutlery), bags and water bottles. These key items form the basis of the Plastic Free Champion system and give members specific targets to work towards. Once a member has eliminated all required plastic items, they are awarded the status of Plastic Free Champion and are promoted in the community.

The program also supports the development of relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of reusable and AS certified non-plastic compostable alternative products, to provide members with advice that aligns with the program’s principles. 

How to join the program

The program started in April 2022. 

Please register your interest to be involved in the program with the Boomerang Alliance at



Social media resources for local governments

Local governments can help spread the word and encourage businesses in their community to join the program by sharing these social media tiles for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter