Compliance and Enforcement Policy

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (the department) is responsible for ensuring the state’s water resources and environment are healthy, and able to support a strong economy and thriving communities.
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The department strives to ensure there is a balance between protecting environmental values while still enabling responsible socio-economic growth.

As the public sector agency responsible for assisting the Ministers for Environment and Water to administer a range of legislation pertaining to the state’s water and environment, the department has wide-ranging statutory and regulatory responsibilities directed at achieving improved outcomes for public health, the environment and our water resources.

The department is committed to being a responsive and credible regulator by consistently applying and enforcing the legislation it administers. Compliance with the law is not a matter of choice but a requirement, and the department has a range of regulatory tools to promote, monitor and enforce compliance. 

Our Compliance and Enforcement Policy details the department’s approach to ensuring compliance with the legislation it administers, and responding to breaches of the law to deter and punish offenders and rehabilitate damage caused to the environment.  

Prosecutions Guideline

The Prosecutions Guideline is intended to guide the department's approach to prosecutions for offences under the legislation it administers and provide guidance on all aspects of prosecution undertaken by the department.