Bilby monitoring project at Tharra (Woodstock Abydos Aboriginal Reserve)

The Budadee Aboriginal Rangers are delivering the first project focused on matters of national environmental significance for the Pilbara Environmental Offsets Fund.
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A night-vision image of a bilby, taken by a monitoring camera.
A bilby captured by a remote sensor camera as part of the monitoring project

Following the success of the weed management project being delivered by Budadee Aboriginal Rangers (Budadee), a new survey to protect greater bilbies is underway at Tharra (Woodstock Abydos Aboriginal Reserve). The project is being delivered by Budadee and its consultants Terra Rosa, with technical support from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

The project will gather a baseline understanding of greater bilby (Macrotis lagotis) distribution and population at Tharra Karnparnmana Aboriginal Reserve. This will address current knowledge gaps and help identify the primary threatening processes to bilby habitat within the reserve.

When the survey is complete, Budadee will produce a fauna report describing bilby populations and identifying long-term management actions that can then be implemented in future years on the Tharra portion of the Tharra Karnparnmana Aboriginal Reserve. 

This is the first on-ground project delivered through the fund that relates to a species listed as a Matter of National Environmental Significance under the Commonwealth Environment Protection Biodiversity Act 1999. The project aims to deliver outcomes for threatened species while aligning with Traditional Owner aspirations in caring for their Country. When the project is complete, the final report will be published via the Pilbara Environmental Offsets Fund document collection.

Four rangers walking across red dirt and shrubbery
Rangers surveying the bilby monitoring site