Shaw River program

The Pilbara Environmental Offsets Fund is developing a project to eradicate Parkinsonia aculeata along the Shaw River with the Pilbara Mesquite Management Committee and Hillside Station.
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The first project in what is hoped will develop into a broader program of work along the Shaw River, this was approved for funding by the Minister for Environment and started in April 2023.

This project is the first to be developed using the bespoke PEOF co-design and engagement framework, which supports a collaborative approach between regional land managers, government and Traditional Owners.

The Pilbara Mesquite Management Committee will receive ~$1 million in funding over five years to progress eradication of Parkinsonia aculeata along the Shaw River riparian zone, on Hillside Station. The project aims to directly improve an estimated 12,000 ha of riparian vegetation as well as prevent the spread of the weed further downstream.

Both riparian vegetation and ‘good to excellent’ vegetation is required to be offset through the PEOF as a requirement under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Act 1986, through implementation conditions in Ministerial Statements.

Hillside Station is at the top of the catchment but the project could be expanded to include Panorama, Strelley and Coongan Stations over time. We are working with the Nyamal and Palyku Traditional Owners to understand their aspirations in this area and to identify opportunities for Rangers to work on Country.

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Parkinsonia reference site at Hillside Station
Parkinsonia reference site at Hillside Station.