Apply for a copy of your Police Crime Incident Report

A Crime Incident Report contains information collected by police about a criminal incident relating to a property or injury offence.
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This report is commonly used to assist with the recovery of loss (e.g. insurance claim or criminal injuries compensation).

The information disclosed on the report varies based on the nature of the offence but may include the:

  • incident report number
  • victim’s name
  • time, date and location of the offence
  • description of the offence (e.g. burglary, assault)
  • description of involved property
  • status of the investigation
  • offender’s name (only if convicted)

A printable version of the online form can be downloaded.

Applications will only be accepted from victims or their representatives. Applications from representatives must be supported by documentary proof of representation.

Payments made by cheque or money order must made be payable to the Commissioner of Police. Electronic money order vouchers cannot be accepted and will be returned.

Additional information, including edited copies of investigation files may be available through Freedom of Information. For assistance with your application, please contact Public Access on 61 8 6229 5900 or via email on

The CheckMyCrime online service allows members of the public who were the victim of a property related incident to view the status of their investigation and to print a report, at no cost, which details the items recorded as stolen, damaged or lost.