Derby groundwater allocation plan

The Derby groundwater allocation plan was open for public comment until 31 May 2021.
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Derby groundwater allocation plan

2020 draft Derby plan

The Derby groundwater allocation plan: for public comment was open for public comment until 31 May 2021.

The department received 12 written submissions, representing 16 different interest groups including Traditional Owners, organisations representing Aboriginal people, agriculture, industry and public water supply.

The thorough feedback from interest groups and ongoing conversations with Traditional Owners showed that a revised draft Derby plan is needed.

Revised draft Derby plan

A revised draft Derby plan will be released together with a future draft Fitzroy water allocation plan for further public comment. See Water planning in the Fitzroy for more information about the Fitzroy water planning process.

The plan will replace the Derby groundwater management plan. It will update how we manage groundwater in the Derby plan area.

The Derby groundwater allocation plan: revised for public comment will present outcomes and strategies to balance the increased demand for groundwater that is emerging in the region with protecting existing users, groundwater quality and groundwater-dependent values. The plan will also set aside water for an Aboriginal Water Reserve and to meet future public drinking water needs.

Derby groundwater allocation plan area