Water planning in the Fitzroy

We recognise the need to both protect the river and its dependent values and support pathways for people to pursue economic development opportunities across the Fitzroy River Catchment.

Fitzroy water allocation plan

As part of the Government of Western Australia’s commitment to sustainable economic development in the Fitzroy River Catchment, the department is developing a water allocation plan for surface water and groundwater resources in the area.

Discussion paper for stakeholder consultation

The public comment period for the Managing water in the Fitzroy River Catchment - Discussion paper for stakeholder consultation (November 2020) closed for public comment at 5pm (WST) on Tuesday 31 August 2021.

The paper discussed the options and approaches being considered by the State Government to protect the Fitzroy River and manage the use of water to support sustainable economic development in the Fitzroy River Catchment. The paper was developed following two years of consultation with people who live and work in the catchment and interact with the Fitzroy River.

The State Government is now considering all feedback received. Your feedback on the options and approaches outlined will help guide the next stage in development of the Fitzroy water allocation plan.

Plan area

The Fitzroy water allocation plan includes the Fitzroy River Catchment and where the groundwater resources occur to the north of the catchment.

The area is proclaimed for both groundwater and surface water as part of the Canning–Kimberley groundwater area and Fitzroy River Catchment area respectively. This means water users, except for small-scale stock and domestic users, require a water licence to lawfully take surface water or groundwater from these areas.

Water resources

The water allocation plan will cover:

  • surface water from the Fitzroy River and its tributaries
  • groundwater from aquifers in the Fitzroy Trough and Lennard Shelf area including:
    • the Grant Group and Poole Sandstone which are large regional aquifers
    • the Liveringa Group which is an extensive variable unit that acts as a minor aquifer in some areas and an aquitard in others
    • ancient limestones exposed in the eastern catchment (the Devonian reef complex)
    • the Wallal Sandstone and Erskine Sandstone aquifers in the plan area
    • shallow alluvial aquifers that border major rivers.
Fitzroy water allocation plan area
Fitzroy water allocation plan area
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