Perth groundwater map

The Perth Groundwater Map helps members of the public identify watertable information for the Perth metropolitan area
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The Perth Groundwater Map is particularly useful for water-bore drillers, irrigators, and private householders establish groundwater bores in the watertable (i.e. superficial) aquifer.

It provides information that:

  • indicates which areas are suitable or unsuitable for the development of a groundwater bore within the watertable (superficial) aquifer
  • estimates the depth to the watertable beneath a property
  • estimates the depth to the base of the watertable (superficial) aquifer beneath a property
  • this is the maximum allowable bore depth permitted for non-commercial use without an approved groundwater licence
  • gives an indication of the salinity of the groundwater at the bore site.

Additional information is available in the Perth groundwater atlas (2nd edition) 2004 – explanatory notes

Groundwater level measurements may be obtained from the Water Information Reporting tool.

Learn about our precious groundwater, garden bores and how to use groundwater wisely on the Be Groundwater Wise website.

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