Taskforce Publications

The Energy Transformation Taskforce has published several information papers and newsletters on the delivery of the Energy Transformation Strategy.

Delivering the Future Power System

Following consultation, the Energy Transformation Taskforce will make decisions on elements of market and regulatory design. These decisions will form the basis for draft market rules and regulations.

Taskforce decisions, information papers and consultation drafts of rules and regulations will be published here as they are completed.

Energy Transformation List of Publications

 Issue Information Paper/
Taskforce Decision
Draft Rules/
 Foundational Market Parameters null  
 Power System Security and Reliability Regulatory  Framework null  
 Improving the Technical Rules Change Management  Process null  
 Scheduling and Dispatch (Energy) null  
 Power System Constraints Equations Governance  Framework null  
 Essential System Services Technical  Framework null  
 Essential System Services Acquisition Framework -  Frequency Control null  
 Essential System Services Acquisition Framework -  Locational Services    
 Scheduling and Dispatch (Essential System Services)    
 Settlements – Foundation Settings    
 Outage Management    
 Market Power Mitigation    
 Generator Performance Standards    
 Market Information    
 Settlements – Reserve Capacity Mechanism, Energy,  Essential System Services    
 Registration and Participation Framework    

The above documents can be downloaded below:

Whole of System Planning

The Energy Transformation Taskforce has published an Information Paper on the final four modelling scenarios for the inaugural Whole of System Plan, including a summary of stakeholder views and how the Taskforce proposes to accommodate this feedback.

Strategic Consultative Group

Presentations provided to the Strategic Consultative Group at its meeting of 1 August 2019.

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