Australian Marine Complex (AMC) Strategic Infrastructure and Land Use Plan (SILUP)

View the Strategic Infrastructure and Land Use Plan (SILUP) for the Australian Marine Complex (AMC).
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The Western Australian government has developed the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) Strategic Infrastructure and Land Use Plan (SILUP) to identify the short, medium and long term upgrades required to guide the AMC’s  development as a nationally significant industrial area for the defence, marine and resource industries. 

As one of 2 locations identified for naval ship building in Australia, the Australian Marine Complex is of strategic national importance.

The plan ensures the AMC has the long-term capacity to meet the future needs of the defence industry, while continuing to support the marine and resource sectors that currently use it to undertake major projects in WA.

Why is the SILUP required? 

The plan sets out the WA government's objectives for the Australian Marine Complex to: 

  • establish the AMC as the principal location for all maintenance, upgrades and sustainment of Australia’s submarines and frigates
  • ensure the AMC is positioned to support the construction of new naval vessels
  • enable national and international expansion of Western Australia’s defence, marine and resource industry capabilities
  • facilitate and enhance economic development and diversification opportunities created by the clustering of defence, marine and resource industries
  • provide common user infrastructure and land to meet the needs of defence, marine and resources industries
  • enable co-location of businesses across the marine, defence and resources industries supply chains
  • enable research and development activities that promote cross-sector collaboration and innovation.