State Planning Policy 2.7 - Public drinking water source

The policy addresses land use and development in public drinking water supply areas.
Last updated: 2 February 2022

Water policies review

The WAPC, has reviewed the State’s water planning policy framework and released Draft State Planning Policy 2.9 Planning for Water (SPP 2.9) and Planning for Water Guidelines for public comment.

Draft SPP 2.9 and Guidelines will help streamline and simplify the current planning framework to deliver greater clarity around how water-related provisions are implemented.

Once gazetted, it is intended that SPP 2.9 and Guidelines will replace water-related policies including State Planning Policy 2.7 Public drinking water source.

To view Draft SPP 2.9 and Guidelines and have your say on its content, please visit our online consultation hub.

The policy will protect and manage public drinking water source areas from incompatible land uses and pollution in order to maintain the quality of the drinking water.

Land uses that are detrimental to the quality and quantity of the water supply will not be permitted unless it can be demonstrated that such impact can be managed.

The policy will ensure that priority is given to the protection of the highest quality drinking water through provisions in the Metropolitan Region Scheme and local government town planning schemes.

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