Corrective Services

Corrective Services is responsible for WA's adult prison and youth detention populations as well as adults and young people managed by community corrections.
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Our responsibilities

Corrective Services works to ensure the safety and security of detainees, prisoner and offenders, the safety of our people and the rehabilitation of those in our responsibility.

Working with us

Are you someone who wants to make a real difference in your community? Learn more about working in corrections.

Business with us

Does your local business, community group or someone you know need assistance? Corrective Services' prison industries may be able to help.

Prison industries produces  prisoner clothing, food and textiles for use within the prisons,  and  provides internal services such as laundry, cleaning, maintenance and catering which contributes to the  the commitment to self-sustainability.

Prison industries can partner with your local business to:

  • provide opportunities to compete with imports.
  • provide access to export opportunities and prevent manufacturing from going offshore.
  • provide labour.
  • help it become a small player in dominant or growing industries, where there is already a high degree of competition
  • assist with start-up opportunities.

Prison Industries also take on contracts from external and charitable organisations, however, only accepting work that does not threaten  Western Australian businesses.

Prison Industries have completed work for a range of government agencies including constructing fire pits and picnic tables for the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and manufacturing clothing for the Department of Communities for children in care.  In addition, projects were completed for not-for profit organisations such as trolleys for Phoenix Athletics Club and a surf trailer for the Disabled Surfers Association.   

If you are interested in working with us, please contact via email at

Prison industries

Two key focuses for the department are to be as self-sustainable as possible and make a positive difference in the lives of offenders and the community.

Prison industries do just that with prisoners producing item such as clothing, food, textiles and furniture, for use within the prison system also providing services including maintenance, laundry, cleaning, gardening and catering of meals.

Prisoners have a choice of working in a number of industries including but not restricted to the abattoir, dairy, bakery, laundry and, textiles, metal, and cabinet workshops.

Operating like any business, the industries provide a variety of goods to internal and external customers. Prisoners must apply to work in these areas, much like the process of winning a job. Once approved, prisoners develop vocational and educational skills, making them ready and qualified to find a job once they're released.

Most industries are connected to accredited TAFE courses and apprenticeships. To see what training courses are available to prisoners, refer to Education and employment services.

Prison industries also take on contracts from external and charitable organisations. However, they only accept work that does not threaten WA businesses. Prisoners also manufacture and repair items for donation including children’s clothing for children at risk cared for by the Department of Communities and study desks and bicycles for disadvantaged children for example.

If you are interested in working with us, refer to the Business with us section above.


Media release

Banksia Hill buoyed by Ben Cousins visit

The Department of Justice has hosted Brownlow Medallist Ben Cousins as a special guest to motivate young people participating in a recreation program at Banksia Hill Detention Centre.