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The Give2Good Foundation is a Western Australian community foundation that aims to attract, grow and distribute charitable funds to those who need it most in our local community.
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Giving together for the greater good

Whether you want to leave a gift in your Will or donate during your lifetime, the Give2Good Foundation makes giving easy by providing a tax effective structure for your philanthropy.

When you give via the Give2Good Foundation, all donations and bequests accumulate to form a ‘corpus’. These funds are then invested to generate an ongoing stream of income, which is returned to the community in the form of annual grants, which support local charities and community organisations.

Anyone can make a positive impact in their local community through giving, whether it’s giving to tackle environmental issues, bring hope to those experiencing ill health, or to ensure the arts are preserved for generations to come. Whatever your preference, the Give2Good Foundation offers an easy, satisfying way for you to leave a lasting legacy.

Benefits of giving with the Give2Good Foundation

  • The giving grows - Unlike one-off donations, a donation or gift to the Give2Good Foundation will keep on giving. You’ll be creating a lasting legacy through an enduring revenue stream for your chosen charity or cause.
  • It's easy - We’ve done the hard work for you so you can easily and cost-effectively fulfil your philanthropic objectives without the complexity, effort and expense of setting up your own trust or foundation.
  • It's flexible - From giving to established funds, to creating a named memorial account for a loved one, there is a range of diverse and flexible giving options that will complement your philanthropic journey so you can make a lasting difference to the local causes and charities close to your heart.
  • We’ll keep you updated - With a Give2Good named account, you are kept informed of how charitable organisations benefit from your compounding generosity.
  • Enjoy tax benefits - If you donate to the Public Ancillary Fund during your lifetime your donation is tax deductible.
  • It’s safe and secure - With the Public Trustee WA as trustee, donors and beneficiaries can feel confident that their charitable funds will be prudently and properly administered and the Give2Good Foundation will be around for generations to come.

Download the Give2Good Foundation Brochure (PDF)

For more information, contact the Public Trustee on 1300 746 116 or email

Give2Good Beneficiaries

Donate or make a bequest to any of the funds below and each year a grant will be distributed to a charitable organisation registered under your selected cause. 

Cause Funds

  1. Medical and Disability Research and Care Fund – prevent, cure or relieve human suffering caused by accident, illness or disability.
  2. Animal Conservation and Care Fund – prevent or relieve the suffering of animals and protect threatened and endangered wildlife.
  3. Caring for our Environment Fund – care for and protect Western Australia’s natural environment.
  4. Crisis Care for Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Western Australians Fund – provide relief for those experiencing crisis or hardship by providing the provision of food vouchers, material or financial aid, temporary accommodation, protection for children, counselling and support services.
  5. Children, Youth and Seniors Initiatives Fund – facilitate individual well-being and build family and social support networks.
  6. Sporting and Recreation Initiatives Fund – provide grassroots or developmental sports and recreation programs.
  7. Visual and Performing Arts Initiatives Fund – support Western Australian artists, projects and festivals.
  8. Education and Scholarship Fund – improve access to education for disadvantaged or gifted children and youth.
  9. WA Natural Disaster Relief Fund – relief or recovery from bush fire, flood, drought or other natural disasters (a non-perpetual account which would distribute the majority of funds over two years, where applicable).
  10. Give2Good General Purpose Fund  a wide range of charitable purposes and community building initiatives across metropolitan and regional WA.

Give2Good Named Funds

The following Give2Good Named Funds have been established by generous Western Australians and are open to further public contributions. You can donate to any of these accounts, or establish your own named account (minimum $20,000) and elect to add it to those listed here for further public contributions. Alternatively, you may elect to keep your named account private.

Donate or make a bequest to any of the named funds below and each year a grant will be distributed direct to the beneficiary of this fund.

  1. Heart Foundation WA Division (DGR) – the Heart Foundation saves lives and improves health through funding world-class cardiovascular research, guidelines for health professionals, informing the public and assisting people with cardiovascular disease.
  2. RJR Progressive Contributing Fund (DGR) – endeavours to support a range of Western Australian and national charities including Blind Citizens (Guide Dogs), Multiple Sclerosis Society, Epilepsy Action Australia, Leukaemia Foundation, Cancer Education Prevention Research, Perth Children's Hospital Foundation, Salvation Army, The Smith Family, Royal Life Saving Society WA, RSPCA WA, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Breast Cancer Care, Police and Citizens Youth, Prostate Cancer Foundation and Parkinson’s WA Inc.

How do I Give2Good?

The Give2Good Foundation has two distinct trust funds through which your charitable contribution can be administered:

  1. Give2Good Foundation ABN: 19 176 396 942. We call this fund the "Give2Good Foundation Public Ancillary Fund" and this fund is tax deductible.
  2. Give2Good Charitable Foundation ABN: 77 870 780 578. We call this fund the "Give2Good Foundation Charitable Fund" and this fund is not tax deductible.

The cause or charity you wish to benefit will determine whether the account is established under the Public Ancillary Fund or the Charitable Fund.

The Give2Good Foundation enables you to make donations during your lifetime, or leave a charitable gift in your Will.

You can choose to either:

  1. Establish your own giving account and select the beneficiary that will receive your gift.
  2. Donate or leave a bequest direct to an existing Give2Good fund.

Establish your own Giving Account

Named Account For donations or bequests over $20,000, donors and testators can choose to establish their own named account or memorial account nominating their preferred beneficiaries. A contact person for their account will receive annual statements summarising incoming donations, investment returns and charitable gifts made to beneficiaries.
Donor Account Established during your lifetime so that you can see how your donation benefits a cause or community. Your capital will be preserved and invested by the Public Trustee and generated income will be distributed annually.
Corporate Giving Account For corporations to give ongoing assistance to charitable organisations. A corporate account recognises the generous contributions made by the company and highlights the corporate name and can include workplace giving contributions.
Establish a Regional Account Regions can establish their own account under the Give2Good Foundation umbrella. This allows committees to focus on the practical aspects of developing their community rather than establishing infrastructure and completing time-consuming administrative tasks associated with trust management.

Leave a Gift in my Will

Leaving a gift to the Give2Good Foundation in your Will is easy. You can either add a clause in your Will specifying your intended gift or you can add a Codicil (additional document) to your existing Will. 

Speak with your solicitor when you write your Will or next time you update it. The wording is very important and your solicitor can ensure that your Will is worded correctly and that your estate is distributed in a way that meets your wishes.

Your solicitor will need to specify whether the gift goes to the Public Ancillary Fund or the Charitable Fund.

  • If the gift is to the Give2Good Foundation Public Ancillary Fund, your solicitor should use “The Public Trustee of Western Australia as trustee of the Give2Good Foundation established by Declaration of Trust dated 8 September 2014”.
  • If the gift is to the Give2Good Foundation Charitable Fund, your solicitor should use “The Public Trustee of Western Australia as trustee of the Give2Good Charitable Foundation established by Declaration of Trust dated 8 September 2014”.

A gift to the Public Ancillary Fund can only be paid to charities that have been registered by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient, whereas a gift to the Charitable Fund can benefit a broader range of charities. 

Your solicitor can also advise you on the different types of gifts, the most common types include:

  • your entire estate - the remainder of your estate after any expenses and liabilities have been settled
  • a percentage of your estate - after any expenses and liabilities have been settled
  • a specified amount.

For all enquiries relating to bequests, including establishing your own Giving Account under your Will, please contact the Public Trustee on 1300 746 116 or email To find out more about making a Will with the Public Trustee, visit the Make a Will page.

Make a Donation today

You can donate to the Give2Good Foundation via the online forms below:

Alternatively, please complete and return the Give2Good Donation Form (PDF) when you make your donation or Will.

For all enquiries relating to donations, bequests or establishing your account, contact the Public Trustee on 1300 746 116 or email

Registered Charity

If you are a registered charity you can create your organisation's Give2Good giving fund that will enable your supporters to donate direct to your account and provide financial support for your organisation for generations to come.

To find out more about establishing your charity’s own named fund, contact the Public Trustee on 1300 746 116 or email

Give2Good Week - May 2022


Give2Good Week is a generosity movement inspiring Western Australians to give, volunteer or gift funds within the charitable sector, thereby increasing the positive impact these organisations have on our society.

Brought to you by the Give2Good Foundation, Give2Good Week is a time to share inspirational stories of local generosity and celebrate the many different forms of giving, including time, talent or treasure.

Everyone loves hearing about acts of good in our world and by highlighting the kindness and charitable contributions made by local giving heroes, we provide everyone, young and old, with the opportunity to reflect on how they too can contribute to the greater good.

Give2Good Week aims to spark generosity across the state, so that giving, volunteering, donations and gifts in Wills become the norm for all Western Australians.

Do you know a local giving hero who should be celebrated? Share their story today...

  • Give2Good Week 2022 dates will be announced soon.

To find out how you can #CelebrateGiving email or phone 1300 746 116.