Procurement and contract management training - Community Services

Information about training opportunities for public sector staff purchasing goods, services, works and community services on behalf of agencies.
Last updated: 15 May 2023

The Department of Finance offers a range of face-to-face, virtual, and online training courses across all phases of the procurement life cycle. The courses range in complexity from foundational to advanced. 

Training courses listed in the table below are suitable for staff involved Community Services procurement. 

Training Level Next Training Date Delivery Method

Introduction to Community Services Procurement

Foundational Always Available Online 

Contract Management Essentials for Community Services

Intermediate   Virtual Face to Face

Developing Procurement Plans and Requests

Intermediate   Virtual Face to Face

Evaluating Offers and Writing Evaluation Reports Training

Intermediate   Virtual Face to Face

Procurement and Contracting Vocational Program (PCVP)

Intermediate   Virtual Face to Face