Contaminated site management plans

A site management plan defines how the site is to be managed or monitored to ensure the risks from contamination remain at an acceptable level.
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In some cases, specifying restrictions in the site classification is not considered by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation to provide adequate control on the long term use of the site.

In these cases, we will require a site-specific site management plan to document the necessary site management procedures. This could include periodic maintenance and monitoring and procedures to be followed when carrying out intrusive works.

Further information on site management plans is available in the Guideline: Assessment and management of contaminated sites.

You can access the management plans for several sites below.

Nufarm Australia Ltd, Lot 51 Mason Road, Kwinana Beach

Impacted soil and groundwater was identified at the site. Impacts include, but are not limited to, asbestos-containing material (ACM), hydrocarbons and chlorinated phenol compounds.

This site management plan sets out measures to reduce unacceptable human health risks by preventing direct access and exposure to impacted soil and groundwater.

An updated version of the site management plan will be available soon, and will provide further management measures of ACM at the site.

View the Lot 51 Mason Road, Kwinana Beach site management plan.

Hillview Lifestyle Village, 597 Kalamunda Road, High Wycombe

Construction workers uncovered asbestos containing material in shallow soils in one portion of this site.

The ACM was investigated and cleaned up, however, because park homes and facilities had already been built over a substantial part of the property, the investigation was restricted and did not cover the entire site.

This site management plan sets out how any ACM exposed in future works at the property should be managed (refer to Sections 8.2, 8.2.1 and 8.2.2).

Reproduced with permission by Coffey Environments.

View the Hillview Lifestyle Village site management plan.

Former BP Bluff Point Service Station, 242 Chapman Road, Beresford

This site management plan details ongoing site management requirements, including groundwater monitoring, for this former service station site. It is being redeveloped for future commercial and high-density residential use.

Reproduced with permission by GEMEC.

View the former BP Bluff Point Service Station site management plan.

Erindale Grove Estate, North Beach Road, Gwelup

Site investigations found that some of the recycled builders' rubble used as fill during the development of this residential suburb, contained asbestos. This site management plan outlines measures undertaken at Erindale Grove to make the site safe and sets out a strategy to reduce potential human exposure to asbestos-containing soil.

Reproduced with permission from RPS Australia Asia Pacific.

View the Erindale Grove Estate site management plan.

162-168 Hamilton Street, Queens Park

This site, which is now being developed for housing, was part of a paint manufacturing facility which operated from the early 1950s until 2003 when it closed and was demolished.

There is a plume of dissolved hydrocarbons beneath the site. This site management plan sets out how the site must be managed to protect workers and members of the public from being exposed to potentially contaminated groundwater.

Reproduced with permission from WSP Environment & Energy.

View the 162-168 Hamilton Street, Queens Park site management plan.

Proposed dwellings at Lot 9002 Longford Road, Beaconsfield

The site is classified as ‘remediated – restricted use’ under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003, with restrictions on use in relation to engineered gas mitigation measures, which are required as part of the dwellings constructed on this site.

This site management plan contains the details of those engineered design requirements as well as other environmental management requirements.

Reproduced with permission from Wallace Group Property.

View the Lot 9002 Longford Road, Beaconsfield site management plan.