La Grange and Walyarta groundwater-dependent ecosystems investigation

The La Grange investigation is part of our State Groundwater Investigation Program
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La Grange, between Port Hedland and Broome, is a vital irrigation development area. Community water supply, pastoral stations, irrigation developments, mine water supply, tourism and mineral exploration all rely on groundwater. The La Grange area has important cultural and ecological values that also depend on groundwater.

Current groundwater management is underpinned by various cultural and water studies, from our hydrogeological investigations and information collected by licensees, to studies by the departments of Primary Industries and Regional Development and Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

We need more information on how groundwater supports the environment to protect groundwater-dependent values and provide security for water users. The La Grange groundwater-dependent ecosystems investigation will analyse ecological, hydrogeological and nearshore components in the area.

This investigation began in 2019 and is due to finish in 2024. It is part of our State Groundwater Investigation Program.

Where to get more details

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