Heritage nomination, assessment, registration and current consultations

Information about entering a place in the State Register of Heritage Places, and current nominations open for comment
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About the State Register of Heritage Places

The State Register of Heritage Places was established by the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 and continues under the Heritage Act 2018. It aims to ensure that places are recognised for their value and importance to the State, and to promote their conservation into the future.

The Register is managed by the Heritage Council of Western Australia with the assistance of the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage.

Entry in the State Register means that any changes or works proposed for the place need to be referred, usually by the responsible local government, to the Heritage Council for advice.

This does not mean a place cannot be adapted or changed to meet contemporary needs. The Heritage Council and the Department encourage sensitive development and new compatible uses of heritage places because this is the best way of assuring their future. For more about developing heritage places, visit the How to develop and maintain heritage places page.

Nomination and assessment

Any member of the public, an organisation or a local government can nominate a place to the State Register. 

The Heritage Council reviews all nominations to determine if a full assessment should be carried out. This is based on whether it is likely that place will meet the threshold for entry in the State Register. Not all places nominated to the State Register are fully assessed or become registered.

The Heritage Council and the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage work together with the nominator and owner of a place throughout the assessment and registration process. There is also time for interested parties to provide their comment on the assessment and any proposed registration. The Heritage Council publishes several notifications as the process takes place, which will be published on the Heritage legislation, policies and guidelines page.

Place Nomination Online Form


If, following assessment, the Heritage Council finds that a place is of State significance, a recommendation is made to the Minister for Heritage, who will make the final determination on whether the place is entered in the State Register.

The cultural heritage significance of a place to Western Australia is assessed by considering various values. Each place is unique and has its own combination of values, which together show its cultural heritage significance. The Heritage Council publishes a notice when it recommends the Minister for Heritage enter a place in the Register, and once a place has been registered. These are published on the Heritage legislation, policies and guidelines page.

Requesting a change

The Heritage Act 2018 provides for changes to entries in the State Register of Heritage Places and also defines the requirements for removal of register entries.

Changes may be required due to errors in the original register entry, changes in the area covered by the registration or changes in heritage significance (for example complete loss of heritage fabric due to a natural disaster). To request an amendment to a register entry, contact the Historic Heritage Conservation team at the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. Our staff will explain the required processes and can provide further information, including the application forms.

Current consultations open for comment

The Heritage Act 2018 requires the Heritage Council to notify stakeholders throughout the nomination, assessment and registration process and again if a register entry is to be significantly altered.

Places currently open for public comment can be found on the Heritage legislation, policies and guidelines page.