Gascoyne regional and sub-regional planning strategy

These strategies provide for the comprehensive planning of regions, sub-regions or particular locations to guide change in the short, medium and long term
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Gascoyne Coast sub-regional planning strategy

The Gascoyne Coast Sub-regional Strategy provides a sub-regional context for land-use planning in the region with a focus on the sustainable future growth of the Carnarvon, Exmouth and Denham settlements.

It has been developed to guide local planning processes including the preparation of, and amendments to, local planning schemes and strategies.

Ningaloo coast regional planning strategy Carnarvon to Exmouth

The Ningaloo Coast Regional Strategy Carnarvon to Exmouth was prepared as a strategic land-use plan that sets the framework of planning for sustainable tourism and land use on the Ningaloo coast. It includes a regional land-use plan; coastal tourism framework; planning and environmental guidelines for sustainable tourism on the Ningaloo coast; and structure plans for key settlements.