Local Planning Strategies, Schemes and Structure Plans

Local planning strategies, local planning schemes and structure plans listed by local government.
Last updated: 19 September 2022

Structure plans

These pages contains electronic versions of all structure plans approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission (Commission) in accordance with the new Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 (LPS Regulations). Only structure plans that have been approved since the LPS Regulations came into effect on 19 October 2015 will be published here.

Structure plan means a plan for the coordination of future subdivision and zoning of an area of land and maybe prepared if:

the area is:

  • all or part of a zone identified in this Scheme as an area suitable for urban or industrial development; and
  • identified in this Scheme as an area requiring a structure plan to be prepared before any future subdivision or development is undertaken; or
  • a State planning policy requires a structure plan to be prepared for the area; or
  • the Commission considers that a structure plan for the area is required for the purposes of orderly and proper planning.

For more information on the preparation and processing of a structure plan please see the Structure Plan Framework. Note, this framework is currently under review. For more information, contact the Reform Delivery team at planningreform@dplh.wa.gov.au or call (08) 6551 8002. 

Local planning schemes

Local governments are responsible for planning their local communities by ensuring appropriate planning controls exist for land use and development. They do this by preparing local planning schemes and strategies.

Local planning schemes set out the way land is to be used and developed, classify areas for land use and include provisions to coordinate infrastructure and development within the local government area.

The scheme maps and texts used on this website are the Department's working copies and used as an information management tool. Whilst all care has been taken to accurately portray the current Scheme provisions, no responsibility shall be taken for any omissions, or errors in this representation. Please advise the Department of any omissions or errors in its representation of the Scheme documents.

Consultation with the Department or the respective Local Government should be made to view the Minister’s approved version of the Scheme maps and/or texts, along with any subsequent amendments to these. Pursuant to section 87(4B) of the Planning and Development Act 2005, the local government that prepared or adopted a scheme or amendment is to ensure that copies of the scheme or amendment are available to the public.

The Deemed Provisions within the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 apply to all local planning schemes. The Model Provisions, including any necessary local variations to those provisions approved by the Minister, will be incorporated in Local Planning Schemes over time as the opportunity arises, via the scheme amendment process.

A copy of the Regulations can be downloaded from this website or from the Parliamentary Council’s Office.

If you have any questions regarding the Local Planning Schemes data, please contact the Department.

Local government planning information pages

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