Health & wellbeing

Doctor with senior citizen

For all topics relating to health including hospitals, childcare and parenting, healthy living, overcoming addictions and more.

In this section:

  • National Health Services Directory

    The National Health Services Directory is an Australia-wide database developed as part of the National Health Reform Agenda to give Australians access to a consolidated source of national health services information.

  • Emergency and crisis services

    A list of services available to provide support and immediate response to people in crisis or in need of urgent medical care.

  • Hospitals

    Visit this section for links to hospitals and health services in Western Australia.

  • Aboriginal health

    This section contains information on Aboriginal health services in Western Australia.

  • Child care and parenting

    From infants to teens, this section lists a complete range of support services and practical community resources for anyone involved in looking after children.

  • Seniors

    Seniors are a vital part of our vibrant society and here you'll find links for senior health services, resources and activities for seniors. Includes information on concessions for seniors as well as clubs and organisations to join.

  • Young people

    Growing up can sometimes be a tough challenge, but help is at hand. This site provides links to many support services for young Western Australians as well as activities and fun sites for kids and teenagers.

  • Alcohol and drug problems

    There are many support services to assist people in overcoming addictions and here you will find information, resources and contacts relating to alcohol, drug, smoking and gambling addictions.

  • Healthy living tips

    Find about how you can get healthy with links to the latest information on diet and exercise, health and safety, research and initiatives.

  • Mental health

    Looking for the latest information, resources and services relating to mental health? Visit this section for listings on mental health illnesses, community resources and mental health initiatives.

  • Disability

    Visit this section to find valuable information on legislation, services, contacts and support groups for people with disability.

  • Other health services

    A list of other health services, from telephone advice to information on after hours clinics.