Apply for an ACROD parking permit

ACROD parking permits are available to people with severe walking difficulties.
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ACROD parking permits are strictly issued based upon a person’s ability to walk. People with sensory, cognitive, intellectual or psychiatric disabilities are not eligible.

You can apply if you are:

  • unable to walk and always need a wheelchair
  • severely restricted in your ability to walk due to a permanent disability or medical condition
  • severely restricted in your ability to walk for a minimum of six months due to a temporary disability or medical condition.

Short term severe walking restrictions may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

ACROD parking permits may also be issued to organisations that regularly transport people with severe walking difficulties.

The parking permit application form can be found online and completed application forms can be submitted via:

  • fax to 08 9242 5044
  • email to
  • post to:
    ACROD Parking Program, PO Box 184, Northbridge WA 6865

You will need your doctor or occupational therapist to fill in part two of the form. It is also advisable to attach any copies of medical reports such as x-rays or test results in support of your application.