What are agencies buying?

Find out what agencies are buying with the Who Buys What and How reports and where to find new tender opportunities.

Agencies purchase a wide range of goods, services and works – the following resources will help you to identify which agencies are relevant to your business. 

Who Buys What and How reports provide a high level overview of agency spend, Whole of Government Common Use Arrangements expenditure and awarded contracts recorded in Tenders WA. It is a good place to start to find out which agencies are buying goods, services or works from your industry.

Tenders WA is the best place to look for detailed information on current tenders, or what contracts agencies have previously tendered and awarded.

On Tenders WA you can search agency contracts according to United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC). UNSPSC is a taxonomy of products and services that government agencies use to indicate the product or service their agency is looking to procure. 

Some agencies tender on their own platforms. Further information about opportunities with the Western Australian government are available on the Industry Link website

Who buys what and how

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These reports give an overview of agency spending on goods, services, and works.

Who Buys What and How is an annual report on the goods, services and works expenditure of government agencies according to information listed on Tenders WA, Common Use Arrangements and other expenditure reports. It is a valuable information source for both business and government. The reports are used by government to analyse spending patterns and help identify opportunities for new Common Use Arrangements. Potential suppliers to government may find the reports useful to understand what agencies are purchasing, to market their business to the right government buyers. 


Page reviewed 2 June 2021