Western Australia's strategic industrial areas

Strategic industrial areas are designed for use by strategic and heavy industries that generate large investment, employment and value of production for Western Australia.
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Led by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation and delivered by DevelopmentWA, strategic industrial areas are designed for investment in downstream processing and other heavy or strategic industrial activities. They are home to industries which generate significant investment, employment and value of production for WA. 

Our strategic industrial areas have been selected for their proximity to large resource projects and infrastructure such as roads, rail and ports.

Proponents interested in locating in a strategic industrial area should contact us or DevelopmentWA to discuss their project in detail.

A brief description of WA's strategic industrial areas is provided below. Further information is also available on the DevelopmentWA website.

Pilbara region

Burrup Strategic Industrial Area: a well-established industrial estate home to major liquefied natural gas (LNG) and downstream processing projects based on local resources, particularly natural gas. The Burrup Strategic Industrial Area is located on the Burrup Peninsula (Murujuga) which was recently added to Australia's World Heritage tentative list.

Ashburton North Strategic Industrial Area: comprising of a multi-user port and industrial land for LNG, other hydrocarbon-based and natural gas processing opportunities, and related support industries. 

Boodarie Strategic Industrial Area: positioned to accommodate a range of mineral, gas processing and other industries requiring access to the Port Hedland port. 

Anketell Strategic Industrial Area: planned to include a multi-user port and provide industrial land for a range of minerals, gas processing and other strategic industries.

Maitland Strategic Industrial Area: designed to accommodate downstream processing projects based on local resources, particularly natural gas, iron ore and salt. 

For further information on the Pilbara region's strategic industrial areas and other Pilbara investment opportunities, visit the DevelopmentWA's website.

Mid West region

Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area: planned to include a new multi-user port and industrial land for downstream processing industries using local resources. 

The WA Government is working collaboratively with industry to understand what is required to transform the Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area into a globally competitive, sustainable area, with a focus on the production of renewable hydrogen through an Expression of Interest process

Perth Metropolitan region

Kwinana Strategic Industrial Area is a specialist centre for chemical and resource-based processing and is part of WA's premier heavy industrial area which also includes the Australian Marine Complex, Latitude 32 Industry Zone and Rockingham Industry Zone

In August 2020, the Westport taskforce recommended a land-backed port be built within the Kwinana Industrial Area as part of planning for Perth's future freight needs. For further information on the Westport project, visit the Department of Transport's website.  

South West region

Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area: home to projects based on local resources, particularly silica sands, lithium, gas and other minerals. 

Shotts Strategic Industrial Area: planned to accommodate downstream processing industries in the Collie coal basin.

Goldfields-Esperance region

Mungari Strategic Industrial Area: designed to support industries involved in the concentrating, smelting and refining of local resources, particularly gold and nickel, and accommodating other strategic industries. 

Great Southern region

Mirambeena Strategic Industrial Area: home to downstream processing projects based on local resources, particularly timber, minerals and other resources. 

Western Trade Coast Managed Aquifer Recharge Feasibility Study

The Western Trade Coast Managed Aquifer Recharge of treated wastewater for Industrial Water Supply Feasibility Study was completed in April 2019.

The Kwinana Industrial Area, Australian Marine Complex, Latitude 32 Industry Zone and Rockingham Industry Zone makeup WA's premier industrial area, and are anticipated to have increased water demand in the face of limited groundwater supply and the cost of scheme water. 

In April 2019, we completed a feasibility study investigating managed aquifer recharge as a means of storage and delivery of recycled wastewater to strategic industrial areas.

The feasibility study was funded by the Australian Government under the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund, and co-contributions from the Kwinana Industries Council and CSIRO. The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Water Corporation, DevelopmentWA and Department of Health assisted with advice and review. 

To access a copy of the feasibility study, please contact the department