Free Will Storage - WA Will Bank: Public Trustee

The Public Trustee provides free Will storage for all Western Australians in its WA Will Bank.

WA Will Bank

Many people don't think about the need for their Will to be safely stored. This can mean that at the very time the Will is required, it can't be found or has been damaged.

Without the unaltered, original Will, your executor may not be able to prove it as your last valid Will or may face problems doing so. Your estate may then be distributed in a way you did not intend.

Benefits of storing your Will with the WA Will Bank

  • It's free to deposit your Will.
  • The Public Trustee is a statutory authority with a purpose-built vault to keep your Will safe from loss, theft or damage.
  • Your executor can access your Will when the time comes so there are no delays administering your estate.
  • All Wills can be deposited, whether they are written by the Public Trustee or privately prepared, and regardless of who you choose as executor.
  • We will locate and contact your named executor or primary beneficiary when you pass away.
  • Update your Will anytime by simply making and depositing a new Will.
  • You can obtain a copy of your Will or withdraw it.
  • You can lodge a Will on someone’s behalf if they are unable to do so. Conditions apply.

The WA Will Bank holds Wills for over 120,000 people and is the logical place people think of when looking for your Will.

Download the WA Will Bank brochure (PDF).

How do I deposit my Will in the WA Will Bank?

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In Person: 

    • Download the WA Will Bank Deposit Form
    • Bring a copy of the completed form, two forms of identification and your original Will to the Public Trustee Office located at 553 Hay Street Perth. Open Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

By Mail:

    • Mail your Will, WA Will Bank Deposit Form and two forms of certified identification via registered post to the Public Trustee at GPO Box M946 Perth WA 6843.

For more information about what identification we can accept, please refer to the Public Trustee Identification Requirements.

Things to consider when lodging your Will at the WA Will Bank

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  • If your Will is bound, never unbind it. 
  • If your Will is stapled, never remove the staple(s).
  • Don’t use paperclips, staples or bulldog clips to attach supporting documentation to your Will. 
  • Don’t attach post-it notes to the Will. 
  • Bring in all documents (whether bound or unbound, stapled or unstapled).
  • If your documents are unbound/unstapled, leave them this way and place them together in an envelope. 


Updating your Will in the WA Will Bank

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Once you have a Will safely stored with the WA Will Bank, we recommend that you review it on a regular basis to keep it up-to-date. If you want to change or update your Will in the WA Will Bank, you can do so by depositing a new Will that revokes your previous Will in storage.

Phone 1300 746 116 to let the Public Trustee know if you make a later Will.

Obtain a copy of your Will or withdraw your Will from the WA Will Bank

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If your Will is stored in the WA Will Bank, you may request a copy or withdrawal of your Will by completing the WA Will Bank Request for Copy or Withdrawal of Will by Testator.

A copy of your Will or your original Will will be mailed or can be collected from the Perth office at an arranged time. Call 1300 746 116 for more information.

With some limited exceptions before your death, the Public Trustee will only release Wills and copies of Wills to you.


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