Claim your conveyance allowance online

Submit an online conveyance allowance claim to assist you with school travel expenses.
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If you wish to submit a claim for conveyance allowance the following terms and conditions apply:

  • parents or carers must provide complete and accurate information on their Transport Application form and Conveyance Allowance Claim forms
  • distances provided by parents/carers must be accurate to within 100 metres (0.1 km) and must be measured along the shortest practical road route
  • parents or carers must submit a new application form if the student’s circumstances change, for example if they change their residence, school, frequency of attendance at school or distance travelled

Only applicable to mainstream students:

  • to be entitled to a conveyance allowance, the student must reside more than 4.5km from their nearest appropriate school and more than 2.5km from the nearest appropriate bus route, as measured from the home gate of the student’s residence.
  • if an appropriate bus service is available, a conveyance allowance will only be paid for travel to the nearest bus pick-up/drop-off location.

Further eligibility information for conveyance claims is available on the School Bus Services website.

You can also contact the School Bus Service by sending an email to: or visit the School Bus Services website to find the best contact for your area and transport assistance needs.