Keep Australia Beautiful Council - Resources for local government

Keep Australia Beautiful WA works to build strong partnerships with local government in programs and initiatives to reduce litter and littering in Western Australia. Below are available resources for local government use.
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We have several programs and initiatives to support local government in reducing and preventing litter.

Litter Reporter Scheme

Litter Reporters are local government's eyes on the road, because community members can report littering offences in their area. The information provided by litter reporters can result in the issuing of an infringement notice, with fines starting at $200 for a cigarette butt or general littering. 


The Adopt-a-Spot program encourages volunteers to select a site and care for it by carrying out clean-ups and keeping the site litter-free. Litter bags, gloves, tongs and insurance are provided by KABWA to registered groups. KABWA is actively seeking partnerships with local government in Adopt-a-Spot promotion, coordination and the provision of resources.

Contact to discuss partnership possibilities and arrangements.

Anti-litter materials

A range of resources are available for use by local government media departments to promote the anti-litter messaging, including:

Litter toolkit

The Keep Australia Beautiful litter toolkit is a practical resource to help you plan and implement programs to reduce and prevent litter in your local community.

Signage templates

We have signage templates available for you to print to discourage littering on roadsides and around waterways, jetties and boat ramps.

Please contact us for more information.