Licence Suspension Check

Online search facility to find out if your driver's licence has been suspended for the non-payment of a fine or infringement.

If you do not pay your court fines or infringements, a driver’s and/or vehicle suspension may be issued.

Check driver’s licence suspension

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This online search facility is to only be used by the individual to whom the information sought relates (or a person acting with the individual’s consent).

Check vehicle licence suspension

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Find out if a vehicle licence has been suspended using the Department of Transport’s online services.

A vehicle suspension prevents the owner of the vehicle, or anyone else, from using that vehicle. It also restricts the ability to renew, register or transfer a vehicle licence.

If you purchase a vehicle with a suspended licence, email a description of the purchase details, a copy of the transfer paperwork and proof of purchase to Subject to approval, the Fines Enforcement Registry will arrange for the suspension to be lifted so the transfer may be considered.

Refer to the Understanding Vehicle Suspensions – Factsheet for information regarding vehicle suspensions including what to do when you take ownership or inherit a vehicle with a suspended licence.

Page reviewed 9 December 2021