Water allocation plans - Mid West Gascoyne

Details of our water allocation plans in the Mid West Gascoyne region
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Mid West Gascoyne region - Lower Gascoyne River in flood

The Mid West Gascoyne region is almost entirely dependent on groundwater resources for its water needs.

Access to reliable water resources plays a key role in sustaining and developing the vibrant local economy in the region. Groundwater also sustains rivers, wetlands and bushland of social, cultural and ecological significance, including sites which are drawcards for tourists.

The Carnarvon horticultural industry is a major part of the local economy and is reliant on intermittent flows in the Lower Gascoyne River to recharge local aquifers. The need for water is increasing, with water demand in the Mid West potentially doubling within the next 30 years.

Water allocation planning in the Mid West Gascoyne is focused on groundwater and maintaining a reliable water resource that can support both economic growth and development.

Water allocation plans

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