Water allocation plans - North West region

Details of our water allocation planning in the North West region
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North West region - Ord River

Water is a defining feature of the North West landscape.

Most of Western Australia's surface water is in the Kimberley, with the largest volumes carried by the Ord and Fitzroy rivers – supporting irrigated agriculture and pastoral industries. In the Pilbara, groundwater is increasingly vital for the towns, ports and mining industry which drive economic activity.

Water is also an essential feature of the unique and rich biodiversity of the region's environment and is vital to its socio-cultural character.

Water availability in the Kimberley and Pilbara is highly dependent on tropical rains and cyclones. Major floods can be followed by equally severe droughts.

Water allocation plans support the North West region's future prosperity and development and help ensure that water resources are sustainably managed in a way that accounts for periods of water abundance and scarcity.

Water allocation plans

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