Water efficiency

Improving the efficiency of water use is the most cost-effective and immediate way to conserve water.
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Water is an increasingly scarce resource across many of the populated regions of south-west Western Australia, with rainfall, groundwater recharge and dam inflow all declining markedly since the mid-1970's. This has coincided with a significant growth in population, urban development and demand for water.

In this increasingly water-limited environment, we need to consider alternative water sources and ensure water is used as efficiently as possible. 

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation is responsible for managing and regulating water resources in Western Australia.

We work with developers, local government and industry professionals to improve overall water-use efficiency by promoting water-sensitive urban design principles, ways to save water around the home and introducing measures to protect our groundwater resources.

Urban irrigation

It is essential that water-sensitive urban design principles, fit-for-purpose water sources and efficient water use are incorporated into parkland planning and design. Where applicable, landscaping of new parks and ovals should align with local government's planning policies.

Read more about water efficiency in urban irrigation:

Community water saving measures

The State Government has introduced a number of water efficiency measures:

Saving water at home

Around half of Perth's household water goes on gardens and outdoor areas. But there are some simple things that we can all do around our homes to save water.

We have produced some brochures to help you save water around the house:

Find out more about being waterwise on our Be Groundwater Wise website or from the Water Corporation.

Water efficiency initiatives

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