Goods and services templates

There are a number of templates that can help you in procuring goods and services for your agency.

These templates cover the procurement process from start to finish: planning, formation, management and extension of a contract. They are regularly reviewed and may undergo changes, so you should download the documents only when needed. A verbal quote template is available for when the purchase is simple, up to $50,000 in value and there is a competitive market. If your procurement is simple and valued between $50,000 and $250,000, the written quote template suite has guidance for this process. Consult which is the most appropriate method for me to make your decision about which process to follow.

Guidance for buying goods and services and resources for goods and services procurement are also available.

Agencies that fund or procure community services should refer to the templates and guides for community services procurement.

Request Conditions and General Conditions of Contract

To find the terms and conditions that are used in the majority of goods and services procurement processes and the resulting contracts your agency should consult this comprehensive document. 

Archived procurement contract conditions provides previous versions of this document.

Procurement planning

Contracts for goods and/or services can be complex, high value and high risk. The foundation for the procurement planning process is writing the business case to ensure that the project is feasible and will meet your agency’s objectives.  Once approved, you need to consider the risks and how they will be actively managed and then put a procurement plan in place. If there is an actual, perceived or potential conflict of interest you must declare this before the process begins on the form below. 

The exemption templates can be used to record what exemptions, approvals or decisions you are seeking and the approval of your delegated authority.  

Contract formation: Awarding contract

After the evaluation there is a process for finalising and awarding the contract to the successful supplier. All the unsuccessful suppliers also need to be informed.  If there is decision not to award a contract then all offers will need to be declined.  This decision should not be taken lightly. 

The following templates will give you a framework to follow. 

Template change suggestions and recent changes

There is a regular process for reviewing and updating the guides and templates. You can make your own suggestions for improvements using the change form below. A summary of the most recent changes are in the document below.    

You can find old Goods and Services General Conditions of Contract in Archived procurement contract conditions

Page reviewed 17 October 2019