Decommission a deceased person’s taxi or passenger transport vehicle

If the deceased held a passenger transport vehicle authorisation it can be allowed to simply lapse or be decommissioned if it's a taxi.

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How to decommission a taxi

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The executor of the will and on demand booking service are responsible for removing all signs, taxi equipment, lights and markings from the vehicle to ensure it no longer looks like a taxi.

The executor and on demand booking service must sign a declaration (PDF file) unless the vehicle owner was a sole operator. In that case, the executor signs both declarations. These forms are accepted by any Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or regional agent.

The executor also needs to complete the Declaration of Motor Injury Insurance Class (E67) (PDF file) to update the insurance and the taxi plates need to be exchanged for normal plates.

How to surrender a taxi identification card

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Surrender a taxi identification card if the holder is deceased.

Taxi driver identification cards are issued with no fee so a refund doesn't apply. When the Department of Transport is notified a person is deceased, the card becomes invalid. There is no requirement to return the card.

Page reviewed 11 May 2020