Transfer boat ownership after a death

What you need to do to transfer boat ownership in Western Australia as part of an estate.

The executor or administrator of the estate should first complete a Statutory declaration Deceased estate probate form (PDF file) and recreational boat transfer form (PDF file). 

The declaration requires the executor or administrator’s reference number and the boat’s name, registration number, length, hull identification number and colour. The boat transfer form also requires the owner’s driver’s licence number.

If the boat owner died without a will and their next of kin or de facto partner wants to sell the boat, they should fill in the boat transfer form (PDF file) and submit it with the declaration (PDF file).

The seller’s details should be written as: estate of person’s name.

Write next of kin or de facto partner above your signature where the seller has to sign. The person buying the vessel pays the transfer fee.

Page reviewed 11 May 2020