Supporting you in your grief

If someone close to you has died, a range of supports is available to help with your grief.

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It is natural to grieve after the loss of a loved one. There are many services available in Western Australia to provide you with advice and support in your grief: 

The death of a loved one may be sudden and can be experienced under many different circumstances. Numerous services are available depending on the nature of your loss.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Death and Sorry Business details the unique and complex process First Australians have to overcome grief.


Palliative Care Australia provides guidance if palliative care or a hospice were involved in the care of the deceased and Carers Australia WA may also be able to offer to advice on 1800 007 332.

Help for migrants

The Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre provides support for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Losing someone to cancer

The Cancer Council of WA offers personalised support to all those affected by cancer can be contacted on 13 11 20 for access to services and resources.

The Leukaemia Foundation of WA provides grief support services and Solaris Cancer Care helps people cope with loss through counselling and various support groups.

Loss due to a crime

The Department of Justice has a Victim Support Service that provides confidential counselling and support services and it can also connect you to a range of groups that can also provide assistance.

Loss of a baby

If you have experienced the loss of a baby, SANDS provides miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death support and can be contacted on 1300 072 637. Red Nose Grief and Loss provides specialised bereavement support for anyone affected by the death of a baby or child and has a 24 hour support line 1300 308 307.

Loss of a child

Compassionate Friends Western Australia is a group for parents, siblings and grandparents that supports them during their grief after the death of a child, no matter what the child’s age.

Loss of spouse or partner

Solace Grief Support WA has support workers to help with grieving, no matter how or when the loved one died.

Regional support services

Anglicare WA provides rural and remote phone counselling on 1300 114 446 to assist with grief and loss.

Sudden loss

The Coroner’s Court of WA provides a Coronial Counselling Service that can also be  contacted on 08 9425 2900, free call 1800 671 994 or after hours on 0419 904 476.


ARBOR offers grief counselling and practical and emotional support to people recently impacted by lost loved ones to suicide.

The Samaritans offer non judgmental listening, compassion and peer support and the Suicide Call Back Service provides free phone, video and online counselling for anyone affected by suicide.

Traffic accidents

Road Trauma Support WA provides information, support and counselling to friends, families, carers, witnesses, first responders and those who may have caused a traffic accident to occur.

Page reviewed 10 May 2020