The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

The Registry creates and preserves records of Western Australian births, deaths, marriages and changes of name.
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Important information

If you're using your birth or marriage certificate to establish your Digital Identity through myGovID:

  • Check the mygovID verifying your identity page for help, especially if your birth certificate was issued before 26 November 2001.
  • If you need further assistance, contact the myGovID support team.
  • The Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages cannot assist with the myGovID verification process and for privacy reasons, certificate details will not be given over the telephone.

The Registry creates and preserves records of Western Australian births, deaths, marriages and changes of name in accordance with the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1998. Eligible customers are able to apply for certificates from these records to be used for a range of legal, personal and historical purposes.

Apply for certificates online

The WA Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages is aware that some private companies have set up official-looking websites to charge people for downloading copies of birth, death and marriage forms.

The forms are available on this website for the public to download at no cost.

New certificate paper

New secure certificatesFrom 2 August 2021 all birth, death, marriage and change of name certificates will be issued on new design security certificate paper. The new paper includes state-of-the-art features to keep these important identity documents secure and help protect Australians from identity crime.

Certificates printed on previous security certificate paper are still valid unless cancelled or void for other reasons.

Getting married at the Perth Registry Office

The Perth Registry Office has two wedding rooms which offer magnificent views overlooking the Swan River. Friendly civil ceremonies are conducted Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) commencing at 9.00 am and concluding at 4.00 pm.

Grevillea Room
Grevillea Room (seats 35 guests)
Banksia Room
Banksia Room (seats 20 guests)

All couples are required to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage (PDF 884KB), identification (passport or birth certificate) and, if previously married, a divorce certificate or death certificate of their previous spouse. These documents must be lodged via appointment with the Perth Registry Office at least one month before the desired date of marriage.

To book your initial lodgement appointment you must contact the Registry’s Marriage Services Team on 1300 305 021. Appointments are a requirement.

Overseas / Interstate / Regional Couples

If you are located overseas, interstate or in regional Western Australia, you may be eligible to post or email the Notice of Intended Marriage (PDF 884KB), however,  you will need to arrange for your signatures to be witnessed by a qualified person (as stated on the Notice) . Original documents will need to be presented to the Marriage Services Team a week before your marriage ceremony.

On the day of the ceremony, two witnesses must be present to witness your marriage and sign the marriage documentation. Your witnesses:

  • must be 18 years or older
  • know either party
  • can be family or friends.

Note: The Registry does not supply witnesses for your ceremony.

On occasion where the couple or witnesses do not speak and/or understand English the Registry will provide an interpreter free of charge. This includes Auslan.

As the Registering Authority for all marriages in Western Australia, the Perth Registry Office is the only establishment that can issue the certified (legal) marriage certificate immediately after your marriage ceremony. This certificate is used to legally recognise your changed marital status and entitlement to use your married name.

Note: The Perth Registry Office is not affiliated to the Perth Marriage Office which is operated by a private authorised marriage celebrant.

Correct or amend a certificate

If there is an error or details missing on a birth, death or marriage certificate issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, you should contact the Registry for advice on how to correct the certificate.

Recognition certificates for early pregnancy loss

A recognition certificate for early pregnancy loss is available to commemorate the loss of a child which occurred before 20 weeks gestation, or if gestation weeks are unknown, the baby weighed less than 400 grams.

Recognition certificates are only available to the parent/s of the child. If only one parent signs the application the other parent's name will not appear on the recognition certificate.

The certificate will be issued free of charge however there is a limit of three certificates per child. A recognition certificate cannot be used for official purposes.

Gender reassignment

A person who has undergone gender reassignment and wishes to have their new gender legally recognised can apply to the Gender Reassignment Board for a recognition certificate.

Once this application is successful, a person, who was born in Western Australia, can apply to amend their birth certificate to show their new gender, one month after they have been issued with a recognition certificate.

If you were born in another State or Territory that has similar legislation, please apply to the relevant Registry Office  to update your birth certificate.

Single status certificates

Overseas marriage authorities often require evidence that parties to a prospective marriage are free to marry. Such evidence may be a Result of Marriage Search Certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. This certifies that you have never been married in Western Australia, or if previously married, no further marriage has been registered. Only the person who is a party to the prospective marriage can apply and applications can only be submitted to the Registry Office in Perth.

Alternatively, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Consular Services offers a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage – further information can be obtained from the Smartraveller website.


If you were legally adopted in Western Australia, you can apply for a copy of your post-adoption birth certificate from the Registry using the Birth Certificate application.

If you are a party to an adoption or a relative of an adopted person and would like to know how to access other information relating to the adoption please contact the Department of Communities - Post Adoption Information and Services.


Please refer your enquiries to the Family Court of Western Australia. Information about divorce procedures can be accessed from the above link or from the Federal Family Court of Australia's site.

Become an authorised marriage celebrant

Although the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages maintains a register of Western Australian Authorised Marriage Celebrants, all requests for appointment must be referred to the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department. This also includes celebrants from independent religious organisations.

Ministers from recognised denominations should contact their Nominating Authority for further information about becoming an authorised marriage celebrant.