Consultations and Reviews

Energy Policy WA regularly undertakes public consultation processes and holds industry stakeholder workshops, presentations and forums on energy reform initiatives.

Keep up to date on the reviews and consultation processes by accessing the information provided below.
Working together

Energy Policy WA and the Energy Transformation Taskforce are committed to ongoing stakeholder consultation.  Should you have any queries regarding our consultations please email:  

If you wish to subscribe to updates via email please add your details here: Subscribe to our newsletter 

Open Consultations and upcoming events

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All Energy Policy WA and Energy Transformation Taskforce open consultations are listed below, along with information on other energy related consultations.

Formal Consultation Groups

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Energy Policy WA's formal consultation groups are listed below.

The Energy Transformation Taskforce has established formal consultation groups which are critical to the successful delivery of the Energy Transformation Strategy:

Energy Policy WA has established the Western Australian Advocacy for Consumers of Energy Forum (WA ACE Forum).

This forum has been established to provide broad based representation of consumer views in a central forum, allowing issues to be raised and for consumers to share in the development of products and solutions for the energy sector.

Gas reform initiatives

The Australian Government undertakes gas sector reform initiatives at a national level.

Energy Policy WA encourages all interested Western Australian stakeholders to subscribe to the Energy Council's mailing list and participate in public forums and consultations led by the Energy Council, as published on the website:  COAG Energy Council

Page reviewed 5 April 2021