Consultations and Reviews

Energy Policy WA regularly undertakes public consultation processes and holds industry stakeholder workshops, presentations and forums on energy reform initiatives.
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Working together

Energy Policy WA is committed to ongoing stakeholder consultation.  Should you have any queries regarding our consultations please email:

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Open Consultations and upcoming events

All Energy Policy WA's open consultations are listed below, along with information on other energy related consultations.

Consultations - Pending further review actions

This list includes initiatives that are currently closed for stakeholder comments but still subject to further review actions.
Consultation on proposed licence exemptions for the construction of electricity and gas distribution systems by third party developers. Submissions closed 10 November 2023
Consultation on draft Voluntary Embedded Networks Code of Practice Submissions closed 23 June 2023
Consultation on AEMO’s Draft Power System Security and Notices and Communications WEM ProceduresSubmissions closed 1 May 2023
Pilbara Rule Change PRC_2022_01First submission period closed on 7 September 2022.
Consultation: proposed changes to the WEM, GSI and Pilbara Regulations15 August 2022
AEMO’s RCM Constraint Formulation WEM Procedure and Declaration of Bilateral Trades WEM Procedure4 July 2022
GRC_2022_01: Publication of Tanker Gas Information on the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB) - Rule Change Notice and Proposal24 May 2022
Publication of AEMO’s WEM Procedure Register and Consultation Timeline --
AEMO Draft WEM Procedure for Consultation: Certification of Reserve Capacity 6 October 2021
AEMO Draft WEM Procedure Communications and Control Systems Consultation22 September 2021
AEMO Draft WEM Procedure for Consultation: Frequency Cooptimised Essential System Services Accreditation23 September 2021
Proposed Changes to the Electricity Networks Access CodeMay 2021
Proposal for changes to Market Power Mitigation MechanismsApril 2021
Exposure Draft Rules for the Transitional Arrangements for FCESS Accreditation April 2021
Generator Dispute Resolution TemplatesFebruary 2021
Proposed changes to the metering code February 2021
Applications for arbitrators and technical experts in energy generation  January 2021
Draft WEM Procedure: Credible Contingency EventsJanuary 2021
Delivering the Future Power SystemJanuary 2021
Review of licensing and exemption regulatory frameworkDecember 2020
Cost recovery for the non-scheme gas pipeline access regimeNovember 2020
Whole of System PlanOctober 2020
Distributed Energy ResourcesSeptember 2020
Pilbara Electricity ReformApril 2020
Constrained Network AccessOctober 2018


Closed Consultations

All Energy Policy WA's closed consultations are listed below.
Blair Fox PTY LTD Licence Exemption Application 20 June 2023
National Gas Law: Western Australian adoption of amended National Gas Objective to include emission reductions18 December 2023
AEMO’s Commissioning Tests WEM Procedure for consultation27 November 2023

Cost Allocation Review – WEM Amending Rules Exposure


 28 November 2023
BRCP Reference Technology Review - Consultation Paper30 November 2023
Consultation Paper: Demand Side Response Review2 November 2023
Release of AEMO’s draft Dispatch Settlement and Monitoring Data WEM Procedure and draft Constraint Formulation WEM Procedure for consultation15 September 2023
Reserve Capacity Mechanism Review – WEM Amending Rules Exposure Draft19 October 2023
Release of AEMO’s draft Prudential Requirements WEM Procedure for consultation20 September 2023
Consultation on AEMO's draft Commission Tests and draft Individual Reserve Capacity Requirements WEM procedures 13 September 2023
Draft WEM Procedure: Dispute Resolution Mechanism for the release of Market Information11 September 2023
Draft WEM Guideline: Non-Co-optimised Essential System Services7 September 2023
Stand-alone Power Systems (SPS) Amendment to Regulations8 September 2023
Consultation on Western Power’s draft Loss Factor Determination WEM Procedure 8 September 2023
Release of AEMO’s draft WEM Procedures for consultation1 September 2023
Release of AEMO’s Determination of Market Schedules WEM Procedure for consultation28 August 2023
AEMO’s draft Identification of Affected Dispatch Intervals and draft Essential System Service Quantities WEM Procedures for consultation25 August 2023
Exposure Drafts – Tranche 7 and Market Suspension Wholesale Electricity Market Amending Rules16 August 2023
Draft Outage Data Conversion Procedure - V0.1 Consultation 28 July 2023
RC 2014 05: Reduced Frequency of the Review of the Energy Price Limits and the Maximum Reserve Capacity Price - Draft Rule Change Report28 July 2023
RC 2018 03: Capacity Credit Allocation Methodology for Intermittent Generators - Draft Rule Change Report28 July 2023
AEMO’s draft Verification of Dispatch Inflexibility WEM Procedure and draft Meter Data Submissions WEM Procedure18 July 2023
WEM Procedure - Outages - V0.1 - Consultation - External9 August 2023
Exposure Draft – Five-Minute Settlement Wholesale Electricity Market Amending Rules7 August 2023
Proposed Changes to the Electricity Networks Access Code - Priority Projects: Consultation Paper 4 August 2023

AEMO’s GPS Compliance Tests and Generator Monitoring Plans WEM Procedure

6 June 2023
Stage 2 Consultation Paper: Supplementary Reserve Capacity Review  21 June 2023 
AEMO’s Rule Participant Registration Processes WEM Procedure15 June 2023
Reserve Capacity Mechanism Review: Information Paper (Stage 1) and Consultation Paper (Stage 2)6 June 2023
AEMO’s revised GPS Compliance Tests and Generator Monitoring Plans WEM Procedures6 June 2023
Consultation on the Electricity Industry (DER) Amendment Bill 2 June 2023
Consultation on AEMO’s draft Transitional Registration Processes WEM Procedure26 May 2023
AEMO’s draft Certification of Reserve Capacity for the 2022 and 2023 Reserve Capacity Cycles WEM Procedure19 May 2023
Draft Electric Storage Resource Obligation Intervals WEM Procedure19 May 2023
Karara Power application for electricity transmission license exemption15 May 2023
Increasing the threshold for application of the electricity generation licence exemption 13 May 2023
Changes to the National Gas Law civil penalties and enforcement regime in Western Australia28 April 2023
Electricity Industry (Alternative Electricity Services) Amendment Bill 202321 April 2023
AEMO’s Draft Dispatch Algorithm and Draft Adjustment of Real-Time Inputs WEM Procedures30 March 2023
Stage 1 Consultation Paper: Supplementary Reserve Capacity Review21 March 2023
Project Eagle Energy and Governance Legislation Reform10 March 2023
Market Power Mitigation and Compliance and Enforcement Exposure Drafts7 March 2023
AEMO’s Real Time Market Timetable WEM Procedure and WEM Submissions WEM Procedure21 February 2023
Consultation Paper: Cost Allocation Review9 February 2023
2023 Market Advisory Committee Composition Reviews18 January 2023
Exposure Draft of the Market Power Mitigation Wholesale Electricity Market Amending Rules8 December 2022
Stage 1 Consultation Paper: Reserve Capacity Mechanism Review29 September 2022 
Exposure Draft 2 – Tranche 6 Wholesale Electricity Market Amending Rules16 September 2022
Consultation Paper: Market Power Mitigation Strategy1 September 2022
2022 Gas Advisory Board Call for Nominations3 August 2022
AEMO’s draft Undertaking the Long Term PASA WEM Procedure for consultation3 June 2022
AEMO’s Draft System Restart WEM Procedure for consultation19 May 2022
Increasing the threshold for application of the electricity generation licence exemption13 May 2022
Exposure Draft 1 – Tranche 6 Wholesale Electricity Market Amending Rules12 May 2022
AEMO’s draft amendments to the Capacity Credit Allocation WEM Procedure for Consultation 25 March 2022
AEMO’s draft Certification of Reserve Capacity for the 2022 and 2023 Reserve Capacity Cycles WEM Procedure18 February 2022 
AEMO’s updated draft WEM Procedures for Consultation10 February 2022 
2021 Review of the Market Advisory Committee Constitution 24 December 2021
2021 Review of the Gas Advisory Board Constitution 24 December 2021
Draft Pilbara Advisory Committee Constitution 24 December 2021
Feedback on a proposed clarification of the electricity retail contestability order for the South West Interconnected System10 December 2021
Draft Gas Services Information (GSI) Amending Rules - AEMO Allowable Revenue 23 November 2021
Exposure Draft - Tranche 5 Wholesale Electricity Market Amending Rules23 November 2021
AEMO's updated draft WEM Procedures for Consultations19 November 2021
Review of Energy Customer Contract Regulations 17 November 2021
Consultation Paper published on reforms to the energy regulatory framework1 November 2021
Feedback on a proposed amendment to the Network Quality and Reliability of Supply (NQRS) Code30 August 2021
AEMO Draft WEM Procedure for Consultation: Data and IT Interface Requirements23 July 2021
AEMO Draft WEM Procedure for Consultation: Indicative Facility Class and RCM Facility Class Assessment23 July 2021
AEMO Draft WEM Procedure: Facility Sub-Metering16 June 2021
AEMO Draft WEM Procedure for Consultation: Credible Contingency Events9 July 2021
Exposure Draft - Tranche 4B Amending Wholesale Electricity Market RulesJune 2021
Consultation on Wholesale Electricity Market ProceduresMay 2021
Strategic Consultative Group May 2021
Civil penalty and conduct provisions for the non-scheme gas pipeline regime February 2021
Ability for Western Power to deploy Stand-alone Power Systems (SPS) in its distribution license areaDecember 2020
Consumer Data Right in Western AustraliaNovember 2020
Expediated rule making process for non-controversial or urgent National Gas RulesOctober 2020
Improving the Rule Change Panel appointments processApril 2020
Improving the effectiveness of the Electricity Generation and Retail Corporation Regulatory SchemeOctober 2019
Retail licence exemptions for Solar Power Purchase Agreement Providers May 2019
For closed consultations prior to May 2019, please see our webpage: Archive: Closed Consultations