Community safety

Police officers patrolling the streets

Keeping our communities safe is a top priority for government and here you will find information on Police and Emergency services, crime prevention, legal information, home and road safety and other initiatives.

In this section:

  • Police & emergency

    Find listings of police and emergency services, includes counter terrorism, poison information and family and kids helpline..

  • Crime prevention

    Crime prevention measures are an essential part of community safety and this section contains links to crime prevention information, including neighbourhood watch contacts.

  • Law support services

    This section deals with a variety of law and order issues and the types of support services available to the community. These range from victims of crime services to legal aid, domestic violence, dispute resolution, fines and infringements.

  • Legal procedures, legislation & reports

    View summaries of recent justice legislation and recent reports on issues of public concern. Access detailed crime statistics and accompanying reports.

  • Justice, prison & probation

    From visiting prisons, to prison listings and probation, find relevant links to the information you need here.

  • Victims of crime

    Are you a victim of crime? If you are you deserve support. The Department of the Attorney General provides a multitude of different services. Click on this link to discover what services are provided

  • Safety at home

    Find out how to take steps to keep your home safer and more secure for you or your family by visting this section for listings of crime, fire, accident and crime prevention in the home.

  • Road safety & awareness

    Road Safety and Awareness is a vital part of reducing accidents on our roads - here you will find useful links to road safety including drinking and driving, relevant organisations and measures being taken to ensure safer roads in WA.

  • Protecting children

    Children are among the most vulnerable members of our society and there are many organisations, resources and community services to help ensure our children are protected from harm. Visit this section for links to legal, government and community resources

  • Domestic violence

    There is huge support available for anyone looking to overcome, avoid or recover from domestic violence. Here you will find links to helplines, resources, and organisations dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence, including emergency contact num