Environmental matters

Wind farm in Albany

Respecting and enjoying the environment go hand in hand and here you can access information on state government agencies involved in conserving the environment. Includes agriculture, fisheries, water resources, bushfire prevention and more.

In this section:

  • Conservation & sustainability

    This section features links to conservation & sustainability resources, including governing bodies and advice on conserving and protecting the environment.

  • Agriculture & food

    The Department of Agriculture and Food drives the economic development of the agriculture and food sector in Western Australia (WA), with a focus on export-led growth.

  • Water management

    Information on water related departments and trusts, aquatic ecosystems and fisheries management.

  • Forests, flora & fauna

    Includes interesting facts on forests, flora & fauna, quarantine services, national park information and forestry management.

  • Bushfire prevention

    Are you prepared for a bushfire? This site explains preventative measures to reduce the risk of being affected by a bushfire, including a simple checklist, what to do if a bushfire approaches, dealing with wildfires and more.

  • Wittenoom

    Here you’ll find information on the State Government’s policy on Wittenoom, as well as health risks, alternate destinations to visit and links to more information.